The joy of water after 50 years

– Silifke district of Mersin, Çamlıbel neighborhood residents, 50 years after the water gained. At the beginning of the flowing water, residents of the neighborhood threw the drum zurna threw the belly. Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Union, Çamlıbel Irrigation Cooperative and the support of the state brought water from the mountains with the system attracted the people of the neighborhood drowned in joy. For 50 years, the people of the neighborhood yearning water at the beginning of running water drums zurna drum threw the belly. 50 years after the water coming from the neighborhood people lived in great joy, 75-year-old Emine Özcan composed for the water coming to the neighborhood. At the beginning of the water, drums and zurna accompanied by the people of the neighborhood, sometimes entering the bottom of the water flowing from the pipe showed joy. Ersin Akdogan, Chairman of Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Association, said en Our farmers have reached the water. Our goal here is to contribute to the regional economy by adding 5 thousand acres of land to production. Our farmers here are engaged in agriculture for a period of 300 years. When there was no water, there was migration. From now on, there will be migration from village to city and not from city to village. Here the population of farmers will increase, so our citizens living outside will come here and contribute to the regional economy by dealing with agriculture. Today is our feast day. As Çamlıbel Agricultural Development Cooperative and Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Union, we work together. In particular, we would like to thank our former Minister Lütfi Elvan, Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, our Governor, Governor and farmers. We did this work unanimously and unanimously. Everybody contributes and contributes. More beautiful days are waiting for our neighborhood in Çamlıbel. Çamlıbel neighborhood will not be emigration, but will be the area that receives immigration, and the economy in agriculture will have a lot to say. ”
Chairman of Çamlıbel Irrigation Cooperative Mehmet Ali Özcan said,, Our village has a history of 300 years. We have been longing for water for 50 years and we have been making efforts for water for 2 years. Our state and cooperative members contributed to this water. Çaltıbozkur village has also contributed to this water. We got our water in Unity and Togetherness. Migration from our village to the city had begun. Now we have our water. Migration from city to village will begin. Çamlıbel Our neighborhood starts from 150 altitude to 700 altitude. Annual production can be up to 700 altitude. We are happy. We are glad that God bless everyone who supports us. ”
The people of the neighborhood stated that the water coming to their neighborhoods made them happy and thanked those who contributed.