Mersin İmece News

Mersin İmece News

NEWS CENTER President Ersin Akdogan, Mersin and Silifke’nin know their agricultural potential and evaluate their work in this direction by expressing, said so far about their work:


“We separated Mersin Irrigation Field from Adana Regional Irrigation and established the Union of Irrigation Cooperatives of Mersin Region with the consent of our Ministry. We published Antep Pistachio Growing and Agricultural Irrigation Book. Meanwhile, we’ve sunk warships for diving tourism. Nuru 1. We realized the Pistachio and Fig Festival. We hosted a movie to promote the Silifke Nuru neighborhood. We established many irrigation cooperatives for irrigation of agricultural land in Silifke. In order to facilitate the purchase of diesel oil, fertilizer and pesticides from our farmers, we had a harvest card issued. We introduced our device which determines the need for fertilizer in the plant. We held the 2nd Agricultural Festival again In the first stage, we brought the 28 km irrigation pipe and brought the barren lands to Water. As the stage irrigation project, we will bring 160 km irrigation main pipe and bring the barren land to water. We are expanding our vehicle fleet. Our vehicle for the funeral and the tools we will use in irrigation projects will come soon. ”


Akdoğan summarized their work for the development of diving tourism in Silifke as follows: We brought a 64-year-old war ship that was scrapped at the Mediterranean Coast Guard Command in Silifke two years ago and donated it to Taşucu Tourism Operators Solidarity and Solidarity Association. We gained our permission to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock with the grant permission obtained from the General Staff to improve diving tourism. We sunk the ship in order to contribute to the diving tourism in order to make a nest to various marine nature and to have many creatures. This is a great service for our Silifke. ”

Pistachios and Figs

D We will continue to work for our farmers to get more yield, Ak said Akdoğan, “Senir, Nuru, İmambekirli, Yenisu, Demircili, Çatak, Kavak, Kıca, Kocaoluk, Yeniçıktı neighborhoods, which are widely grown in the livestock and 400 years of this year Antep fıst approximately 300 tons of land will be harvested. The producers in the region are constantly working to increase the pistachio production in the region. Pistachios grow in our region, Turkey is favored as the color and flavor throughout and great vogue. Especially baklavacers prefer our products because the color of the peanut is full green. Pistachios and Figs grown in our region have been introduced through the festivals we have made, and with the tender we have made, it has gained 30 percent value compared to the prices in previous years. With Pistachio Growing trainings, we will ensure that our farmers get more yield and our works will continue. ”


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