Mersin Dominance Gzt.

A female entrepreneurs in the region about 50 years ago “does not grow here” words to mind first started by the great distance from the town of Silifke strawberry production area, today came to the position of district revenue generating Turkey’s economy.

Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Association President Ersin Akdogan, Silifke strawberry production in the early 1960s, the agricultural engineer and the region “Arife sister” known by the name of Arife Karcioglu said. Arif Karcıoğlu, who came from Istanbul and settled in Silifke, began strawberry cultivation when he saw that soil was suitable. . Stubborn Arife big sister stuck his ear to criticism and started strawberry production in a 4-acre field. The following year, he rented 6 acres and increased strawberry production to 10 acres. Silifkeli farmers who watched Arife sister’s actions with interest and saw that she made money started to plant strawberries. If Silifke has become one of the most important centers of strawberry production with its increasing production area every year, it is owed to olmayan Arife elder sister olmayan who is not alive today. Strawberry is generally known as kaliteli Arife sister strawberry Sil in Silifke, where the world’s best quality varieties are grown. ”

Stating that 65 thousand tons of strawberry harvest is expected from 20 thousand acres of land this year, Akdoğan said, asıyla With the commencement of strawberry harvest in our district, agricultural workers who flee from the war in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia and especially Syria provide their livelihoods working all day. Approximately 10 thousand agricultural workers work in strawberries to contribute to the family budget. Atayurt, Arkum, Atakent, Taşucu towns and Bahçeköy, Söün, Kurtuluş villages come from the Syrian, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions and work in the tents all day long.
Stating that housewives working in the strawberry fields in Silifke contribute to the home economies and young girls save money on dowry, Akdoğan said, “Especially women and young girls are working hard to contribute to their struggles against scorching hot and difficult conditions in strawberry fields. In the early hours of the morning, veteran women and young girls wake up to finish their chores and then head for the fields. Women gathering strawberries in the fields just take an hour break during the day and rest. Women working in the fields say that they suffer from a shortage of livelihoods and therefore they have to work. Housewives work in the fields to contribute to the home economy, while young girls try to save dowry money. Women workers, including older women, say it is difficult to work in the strawberry fields in hot weather. Many of the women working in the fields under difficult conditions are trying to support their schoolchildren with the money they earn. ”