Name of the Union
Article 1-name of the Union S.S. Mersin region is an association of irrigation Cooperatives and has a public legal entity.

Purpose of the Union
Article 2-the purpose of the Union is to:
to use, operate, operate the irrigation facilities that have been built or are currently under construction or planned to be built for the purposes of construction, to have them operated by the approval of the General Directorate of State Water Works, to carry out the responsibility of maintenance, repair and management of these facilities, to carry out agricultural irrigation activities by making new projects, to participate in the organized activities, irrigation facilities, effective, efficient and regular use by providing the development of irrigation agriculture and production as a balanced increase is to provide.

Working issues of the Union
Article 3-the working subjects of the Union are::
a) to perform the Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Management and renovation services of the facilities within the task area in accordance with the procedures and principles.
B) to collect participation share, water use service price and penalties applied.
C) to pay back the investment costs of the facilities it has taken over.
D) to develop the facility it has taken over by obtaining the approval of DSI, to make or have done new projects related to this facility.
d) to plan the plant pattern to be planted in accordance with the amount of water in the task area in cooperation with the relevant units of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and livestock.
E) to take the necessary measures to contribute to the realization of the projected production targets within the scope of the task.
F) to carry out research, development and training activities in cooperation with institutions engaged in irrigation and other agricultural matters.
g) to follow national and international developments in matters related to its aims and duties.
I) to pay its share of the operating and maintenance costs incurred by DSI for the common facilities.

Duties and services that may be transferred to the Union
Article 4-the task of the Union is to carry out the operation and maintenance services of the irrigation facilities for which it takes over the responsibility of Operation Maintenance, Repair and management, and to work towards the rehabilitation or modernization of existing facilities and the construction of new irrigation facilities, with the appropriate opinion of the DSI General Directorate, in case of need.

Headquarters of the Union
Article 5 – Union Centre; ……………………………province …………………………… County ……………Township……………….his village is.

Founders Board Members
Article 6-Union founders ; ………… province ………… County, …………, …………, ………..from the resort ……………., …………from the resort ………., ……….from the village ………,……….from the village…………..……….from the village………,……….from the village…………..…… …., ……….from the village…………..dir. According to the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216 within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality as a result of losing the legal personality of the municipality and village in the town, but still continuing the agricultural activities of the residential units will be specified as detached.
Article 7-The Board of founders shall ensure that the water users within the field of duty are informed of the foundation of the Union by means of appropriate announcement tools within fifteen days following the acquisition of legal personality of the Union.
The board of Founders makes registration procedures for membership of the Union. During registration, each water user is given a membership number and is entered into the Register of notarized members with the same number.
The board of founders, unity water users during registration for membership for each hectare of land in the mission area ………TL shall collect contribution. Water users who are charged participation shares are given a member ID, signed and stamped money receipt. Those who have paid a participation share from existing members of the unions established before the date of the entry into force of the irrigation Unions Act No. 6172 do not pay a re-participation share.
The board of founders shall apply to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs for the termination of the legal entity of the Union if it fails to complete the registration of at least eighteen members within one year of the foundation of the union or if the organs of the Union are not elected.

The remaining amount is distributed to the members who have paid the participation share in the proportion of their land after deducting the costs incurred for the union organization from the participation shares received from the members who have completed the registration process. The board of founders does not apply to the Ministry for termination in the circumstances and within the period stated above, and if this situation is determined, termination proceedings shall be initiated by the Ministry res’en. The board of Founders makes preparations to be specified by the District Election Board for the formation of the first Union Assembly. When the First Assembly meeting is held and the organs of the Union are elected, all kinds of duties of the founders board are ended. The necessary works to bring the structures of the units established before the Law No. 6172 on irrigation unions came into force will be carried out by the current administrations of these units and the founders board will not be formed.

Mandate and duration of the Union
Article 8-the task area of the union is limited to the project area of the irrigation facility it has taken over and may be expanded with the participation of the Union to new projects that will be deemed appropriate or developed by the General Directorate of the DSI. Water can be given out of the project area of the facility taken over by the union with contracts of up to one year, provided that DSI’s opinion is taken.
Article 9-the working period of the Union is unlimited.

Union Membership
Article 10-Membership Requirements Of The Union Are As Follows:
a) to be the owner of land registered in the deed within the duty area of the Union or to be engaged in agricultural production by renting land for more than five years.
B) to have completed the age of eighteen in terms of real persons.
Article 11-the rights and obligations of the members of the Union are as follows::
A) to monitor the meetings of the Assembly of the Union.
B) to elect a member of the Union and to be elected a member of the Assembly, provided that the debts to the Union have paid the water use service price and penalties.
C) to benefit from all kinds of services provided by the Union.
ç) to request information about the activities of the Union.
d) to pay the water usage service fee and debts accrued by the Union on a regular basis.
E) to comply with the October planning made by the Union due to water shortage, to participate in irrigation planning and water distribution and exchange programs.
f) to protect the irrigation plant located on its land, to remove the damages caused by its personal defects, or to pay to the union any expenses to be incurred by the Union in order to remedy these damages.
g) not to damage the facilities under the responsibility of the Union and all kinds of equipment used, in case of damage to compensate for this loss.
I)to give timely and complete information about the Working issues of the Union.
h) to allow entry into its land for the operation, maintenance and repair work carried out on the facilities under the responsibility of the Union.
Article 12 – the conditions for removal from membership of the Union are as follows::
a) losing the quality of being a water user.
B) to act contrary to the main status of the Union or to the decisions of the assembly of the Union and the board of directors.
c) the board of Directors is authorized to remove those who have lost the ability to be water users from the membership of the Union; the assembly is authorized to remove them from the membership of the Union for other reasons upon the proposal of the board of directors.
d) the decisions of the board of directors or the assembly of the Union to remove from membership shall be notified to the relevant person by the board of directors within thirty days after the decision has been taken. Those who are removed from membership by the board of directors or the assembly of the Union may appeal to the assembly of the union within forty-five days from the notification of this decision. The objections are finalized at the First Assembly meeting and notified to the interested party within thirty days. The right to appeal against these decisions is reserved.

Bodies of the Union
Article 13-the organs of the Union are the Assembly of the Union, the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and the president of the union.

Establishment of the assembly of the union duties and powers number of members of the Assembly
Article 14-a Union Assembly is formed based on the boundaries of the settlements within the union Mandate area. The total irrigation area within the task area of the union is proportional to the total irrigation area within the limit of each settlement unit and the number of members that these settlements will be represented in the assembly of the union. The number of members of the assembly of the union cannot be less than 15 or more than 100. Each settlement within the union Mandate area is represented in the Union Assembly with a minimum of two members. Accordingly, the Assembly of the Union , …………, from the resort ……………., ……… from the resort ………., ……….from the village ………, ……….from the village…………. ……….from the village………,……….from the village…………..………., ……….from the village………….. …………….. from the municipality ……..(…) …………..from the village …… (….) total to be …. (….) consists of the elected member. According to the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216, the municipality is within the boundaries of the municipality and the legal personality of the town and the village
as a result of the loss of the neighborhood, but still continuing agricultural activities in the settlements will be independent as a member of the council will be able to elect. Task field
in units with 40 or more settlements, the number of councillors can be increased to 150 by the decision of the founders committee.

Requirements to participate in the election of councillors
Article 15 – there is land registered in the name of the deed within the duty area of the Union or at least five years
for at least two years to the Union as land lessor and water user with a notarized contract for the period
those who are registered, provided that they have paid the water use service fee and penalties,
they have the right to vote in the election of membership and to be candidates.
The owner of the property and the lessor of the land cannot be a member of the assembly of the Union for the same land at the same time. Company
more than one residential unit within the mission area has land or has leased land
those who will vote in the election of union councillors and will run for union councillors