Agricultural Irrigation


Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Union President Ersin Akdogan, Mut district of the pond and Silifke’nin Çammelek neighborhood with agricultural irrigation will bring Kıca neighborhoods said.
Çamlıbel District Headman Mehmet Arslan, Kıca District Headman Osman Çakır, Headman of Çmelek Village Ahmet Southern Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Union President Ersin Akdogan visited.
“The soil is so generous that every drop gives the equivalent of forehead sweat, Ers Ersin Akdoğan said, Birliği Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Association has protected agricultural water and farmers with its activities in Agricultural Irrigation. Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Union has been involved in strategic planning and decision making processes in the evolution and transformation of the Agricultural Irrigation Infrastructure and has led the other regional unions in our country kul.
Stating that the biggest investment was made to human beings, Akdoğan continued as follows:

Our Union, which is integrated with the promise of “the greatest investment in human beings ği, is the most important social capital in our agricultural sector, in which human beings will be shaped, open to innovations and curious, undertaking risks with courage, possessing high energy potential. Within this understanding, we will continue to protect our farmers, agriculture and water. The necessity of water for our lives is known and said by everyone. So much so that the existence of our country is of great importance in terms of security interests, agricultural and economic development. The fact that water is considered among the fundamental human rights does not mean that it is given due care and respect. The water resources of our country can only meet the needs. Although we are not among the countries that suffer from water scarcity, we lose our water a little more each year due to the rapid increase in population, unconscious use and the fact that the average annual rainfall is lower than the world average. We need to protect our ‘water Sudan which we see as a reason for water and to use it effectively.
Ersin Akdoğan, President of Mersin Regional Irrigation Cooperatives Association, stated that their aim is to contribute to the economy by irrigating all the fertile lands of the neighborhoods. The visit was very positive. We will introduce our neighborhoods with pond and agricultural irrigation. ”
Stating that the region has very productive agricultural lands, Akdoğan said, ile With the pond and descriptive irrigation to be done, both production will increase and a great contribution will be made to the country’s economy. We will be the follower to make the lake as soon as possible ”.